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"This is the missing piece for creatives who want to take their careers to the next level."

- Kathleen Rushall, Literary Agent


Here's a secret nobody will tell you: 

An amazing writing career takes so much more than writing.

Let me guess. You envision yourself as a thriving creative, and yet you...

  • Feel overwhelmed by how to actually achieve it?
  • Suffer from "shiny object syndrome", or let perfectionism get the best of you
  • Constantly feel 'out of control' or at the mercy of the industry around you?
  • Don't know how to go about building a readership or platform that not only works for you, but feels authentic?
  • Know you want to stand out and be known for your work, but feel like you have no real strategy to do it?
  • Often feel like you're playing small, or not living up to the potential you want to reach?
  • Struggle with self doubt, imposter syndrome, and sometimes even sabotage your efforts to create OR share your work?
  • Feel drawn to an author or illustrator career, but struggle with making your dream a reality?
  • Feel jealous, resentful or intimidated by other creatives for their achievements?
  • Keep hearing that authors and illustrators can't really move the needle on their careers, so you don't know where to start?
  • Overthink, overwork, or downright avoid thinking about how to build your career or market yourself in a crowded industry?

We're done playing small.

As an author, illustrator, and success coach for creative women, I'm no stranger to these feelings and experiences.

Good news! You don't have to stay stuck! 

I know you're overwhelmed, but I also know how to get you out of that feeling - the one where you have something to say, but feel unable to create the impact and income you want with your creative work.

You don't need to fold up your dreams to accommodate the "reality" of the industry.

Are you ready for this? 👉 You get to create your reality. And I'll show you how.

I work with authors and illustrators to heal the EIGHT Creative Core Wounds that keep you from stepping into the success you want.

"EAA brought on such seismic shifts in my career! I'm living my purpose and it feels like pure freedom."

- July 2021 Epic Alumni


You know you're meant for more...

Epic Authors Academy is unlike any other program or course you've tried.

Using my unique Three Souls of Success™ technique, you'll combine science, soul, and strategy to magnetize yourself for success, so you can be confident that every second of your career is well spent.

Let's make you the creative you've always dreamed of being.

  • Feel fully confident that your success wasn't just possible, but inevitable.
  • Own your unique skills and talents and build your creative career with ease.
  • Be so magnetic to your audience, that you could attract a thriving platform and readership at ANY stage of your career (even before your books release!)
  • Create opportunities for yourself as you want or need them, without worrying about the industry - just by being yourself.
  • Do less but achieve more - collapsing time whenever you need.
  • Step up and take your place as the incredible creative you are, and feel open and proud to do so, without any hesitations or doubts whatsoever.
  • Have a strategy for growing your career based on science and soul that not only works, but feels right for you.
  • Create compelling, successful work while avoiding burnout and overwhelm.
  • Truly ignore the things you can't control, and fully leverage the things you can for ultimate reach and success.

It's not magic - though it feels like it!

"Epic Authors Academy is 'The Artist's Way meets Ms. Frizzle'.

Every author needs to experience EAA!"


We're in it together.

I'm Jess! I'm an award-winning author, illustrator, creativity expert, and success coach for rising leaders in creative industries.

Using my trademark combo of proven neuroscience, grounded spirituality, and rock solid strategy, I help creatives unlock their true potential.

Whether you want to make more money, create more impact with your creative career, or find more ease and joy in your life and work, I can help.

The creative work you're called to make is directly related to your life's calling, and I'm here to help you maximize your impact, income, and imagination so you can not only have the career you want, but the fulfilling life that goes with it.

Epic Authors Academy is the only program on the market that harnesses the power of your subconscious mind, to activate your success from the inside out.

Using my Three Souls of Success™ framework, we'll work together to build the thriving author or illustrator career you want - with ease, joy, and simplicity.

Evolve your creative consciousness and step into your true power now.

Disempowerment is boring. 

It's your time to shine.

Your Inner Soul: Mindset (Weeks 1-4)

Unlock the inner barriers that keep you playing small, feeling like an imposter, and standing in your own way. This deep inner work is key to your success.

Your Outer Soul: Marketing (Weeks 5-6)

Using my PRISM SOUL KEYS™, we'll build your unique presence from the inside out, to effortlessly draw opportunities and readers your way.

Your Connected Soul: Mapping (Weeks 7-8)

Your author career requires a skillful balance of strategy, energetics, and creative spirit. We'll combine all three to create a lifelong blueprint that will adapt to you as your career shifts as you do.


Harness Your Subconscious and Unlock Your Magic!

Epic Authors Academy is my long-awaited and much requested program for authors and illustrators at any stage of their publishing journey. (Scroll down and you'll see feedback from our first round!) From unpublished writers to seasoned bestselling creatives, EAA is geared to help you reach your next level - however that looks like for you.

You'll receive weekly self-paced workshops and weekly live Q&A coaching calls to support your work as you explore your Three Souls of Success™, to help you build the creative career you deserve.

**You do NOT need to attend the live sessions - there are always replays available and every question you have gets answered!**

This is the ONLY way to work directly with me for the rest of 2021.

What do we cover?

My innovative Three Souls of Success method builds your capacity for success from the inside out, and is unlike any other program for creatives out there. 

We combine deep inner work with outer strategy to help you build your foundations, take control of your platform and audience authentically, and build longterm mental, emotional, and business structures to support your growing career.

As we work through the eight weeks together, we heal the Eight Core Creative Wounds holding you back - shaping you into the unstoppable creative powerhouse you're meant to be.

Inner Soul Work: Weeks 1-4

A deep dive into your creative soul, to unlock your mindset for success. You have subconscious blocks to your success, and this module will help you heal them. This is the key work you've been missing that will open you up to your next level of success - no matter where you are on the journey. 

  • Week 1: Activating Your Intuition and Healing Your Core Intuitive Wound
  • Week 2: Shaping Your Success Archetype and Healing Your Success Wound
  • Week 3: Harnessing Your Power and and Healing Your Subconscious Wound
  • Week 4: Shining the Spotlight on Your Unique Voice and Healing Your Visibility Wound

Outer Soul Work: Weeks 5-6

Developing Your PRISM SOUL KEYS™ to Magnetize Yourself to Your Growing Audience, with my unique (and uber-effective) soul-centred method of marketing and branding. You'll leave with a new perspective on abundance, success, and your own self worth that will connect you directly to the right people and opportunities.

  • Week 5: Magnetizing Your Creative Soul for Success and Healing Your Marketing Wound
  • Week 6: Conscious Creativity and Healing Your Focus Wound

Connected Soul Work: Weeks 7-8

Creating an adaptable, sustainable plan that will nurture and fuel you for all seasons of your creative career, with a focus on creative intuition, allowing, and self care. Say goodbye to overwhelm, burnout, resentment, and disempowerment for good!

  • Week 7: Skyrocketing Your Income and Healing Your Money Wound
  • Week 8: Balancing Your Creative Career and Healing Your Energetic Success Wound  


**By joining today, you will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to all material, including access to the Epic Authors Academy Mastermind Group**


Why should I join Epic Authors Academy?

You've taken craft courses. You might have even taken mindset or business courses. My work combines more than 20 years of creative self employment, 13 years of industry experience, my expertise as a scientist, and my years as an intuitive and creative coach to form a single, powerful experience that will transform your career, and how you see yourself as a creative. 

There is so much more to having a successful creative career than the work you create. 

Epic Authors Academy is equal parts business, marketing, energetics, branding, self care, and creative intuition all wrapped into one -- and it's specifically tailored to authors and illustrators in the children's book business.

You could spend the next ten years trying to stitch together a creative career that embodies some of these elements, but this unique program takes away the stress, frustration, and uncertainty, so you can begin building your career with confidence now.

The Nitty Gritty - Dates, Workshops, & Coaching

  • Epic Authors Academy is a self-paced program with weekly Q&A support. (Everything is recorded with replays available!)
  • You'll receive new modules each Monday, starting on October 4th, 2021. These are entirely self-paced workshops and masterclasses for you to enjoy you on your own schedule.
  • Every Wednesday, a Q&A thread gets added to the group. In our coaching calls, I answer every question from these threads, and you do NOT need to attend live to get the coaching and guidance you need. 
  • Every Thursday, our live call takes place. About 25% of Alumni catch the live call, with the rest watching the replays. You do NOT need to be live to watch, and replays are available instantly. Every question you have gets answered, no matter what.
  •  You will also gain access to our dedicated private Mastermind Group, where you'll gain powerful support, guidance, and connections with like-minded creatives.
  • Have a question at ANY time? Ask away! This mastermind is always active, and I'm always there for on-the-spot guidance, coaching, and insights on your journey. You're never alone in this experience.

Epic Authors Academy begins October 4th, 2021, with weekly modules dropping for 8 weeks!

"Before Epic Authors Academy, I was struggling with nearly everything. This course has changed the way I look at every aspect of my life."

- Jennifer Naughton, 2021 Epic Alumni

This is more than mindset.

This is a mental, spiritual, and energetic infusion that will dramatically shift how you see your creative career, your potential, and yourself. 

These are the same magical and science-backed tools that I've used to:

  • Publish 20+ books over seven years, in nearly all categories and genres!
  • Bring in multi-six figures consistently, even during a pandemic
  • Launch a new six-figure business in less than three months
  • Build a thriving career, where I can create my own opportunities, because my marketing and brand does the work for me
  • Create a balanced, laser-focused, and consistent creative lifestyle, that brings me freedom and global impact
  • Not worry, stress, or burnout while doing it (imagine that!)

In Epic Authors Academy, we leave no stone unturned. You'll get all my secrets, hard-earned lessons to quantum leap to success, and we'll go deep into the heart of your version of success - so we can kickstart it from the inside out.


What Epic Alumni Are Saying:

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6 monthly payments over 6 months

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Your Investment

  • 8 transformative weekly workshops ($4000)

  • 8 weekly LIVE coaching calls ($4000)

  • Access to ALL archived mastermind coaching calls ($4000)

  • Access to Epic Authors Mastermind for the life of the program (priceless!)

  • 3 Creative WayFinder Activations ($1200)

  • One FREE additional Hot Seat Coaching Call ($300)

Total Value: $13,500+

👉 October 2021 Live Round Price: $1111 👈




YES! I'm SO ready!