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The Game-Changing Secret to End Your Business Year without Disappointment

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Hey beautiful,

You did it! Another year is in the books and I know you've spent so much time and energy working to create your goals and build something special that feels like you.

And for the record, that is no small feat. 

If you're feeling anything like me, I bet you're are more than ready for a rest after the weight of this year hits you!

It was a doozy for me. I expanded into an entirely new arm of my business, launched my flagship course, published a book, and built so many systems and foundations to grow & help support you and me - all while living life in these difficult times with illness, uncertainty, and the dash of chaos that's become the norm these days.

It's so important to consciously and intentionally reflect and wrap up your year. It helps you process all that you've been through, close energetic loops that might hold you back from next year, and allows you to tend your grief for the things that weren't.

But did you know that your brain can work against you during this emotional time?

Your soul knows what it's doing as you build a business that expresses who you are. But sometimes? Your brain and body need a reminder that it's safe to do so.

So let's get into it.

When you're ready, grab a journal and implement using some of these science-backed tips to put your best foot forward in the new year:

1. Remember that your thoughts are lying to you.

As you're looking back on your year, remind yourself that your brain is wired to remember negative experiences over positive ones at a rate of around 6:1. 

That means that every challenge or hiccup you experienced in your life or biz is going to be six times as sticky to you, compared to something amazing!

How do you combat this? You get super skilled at watching yourself think, and train yourself to look for the positives, too. Try it today - make a list of your losses, and then challenge yourself to find an equal number (or more!) of wins. Make sure you write them down!

This isn't "positive thinking" -- it's brain conditioning, and absolutely crucial to help the more primal parts of yourself feel safe & accomplished & rewire your perspective to find the gold.

2. Find your compassion for your human ambition.

Have you ever heard of the "planning fallacy"? Well - guess what, it's working in your brain right now!

The planning fallacy is a thinking bias that humans have when it comes to goal setting & ambition. It means that we have a tendency to underestimate the amount of time & costs of our goals. The thing you figured would take you a month might take you three months instead. 

So that massive list of to dos or resolutions that you set out to achieve this year?

It's not bad that you didn't get to all of them. It's human. 

One of the key pillars of my work is that 'being human is more than enough'. When you can start seeing your ambition, wins, and losses as loveably you, it suddenly becomes much easier to create space for your next moves. 

Go through your list of goals, wins, and not-quite-yets with compassionate eyes right now, and remind yourself that you didn't fail at anything. This is the game of building a beautiful business. 

Your human will always be overly ambitious. Love her through it, and remind yourself it's not just you.

There's more time on the clock for your dreams.

#3 Grieve your disappointments

You might be wondering why I just told you to let those disappointments be human, and now I'm telling you to grieve them.

Counterintuitive, right? But it's not, I promise.

Grief is a form of compassion.

When it comes to reflecting on your year, it's important to honour your true feelings, and fully witness your emotions - even if it's tough to look in the eye.

That big goal that you had that you didn't reach? The one that feels like a big, fat fail?

Let yourself be disappointed. Disappointment that you ignore can chip away at your sense of confidence and self esteem. That's because when we hide from our disappointment, we're really hiding from a part of ourselves. (Read that again!)

But disappointment you let yourself process is a way to soulfully call yourself back - it's just one more thread in the tapestry of your life that builds the picture of who you are.

Whatever you're feeling about your losses or misses this year, find a safe, supported way to feel it. Call yourself back!

Journal it out, chat to a friend or therapist, and just let yourself say all the things until you feel clearer. 

And if it still feels punchy or has a big emotional charge, try doing a ritual to help you honour those feelings. You can light your disappointments on fire, go outside and ask that nature help you clear your energy, or have a "sad bubble bath".

(A sad bubble bath is where I literally get into the bathtub with the intention of letting myself be sad, and let the energy wash down the drain when I'm done with all the bubbles. It helps!)

It's so easy to be extra hard on ourselves when the year end rolls around. Emotions are high, your goals start to feel extra urgent, and the whole world seems to be ratcheting up the "new year, new you" mentality.

But you don't need to let your mind run the show and lead you down a rabbit hole of feeling like you didn't do enough, give enough, create enough, or be enough.

You can gently direct yourself to see past the biases that your brain uses to keep you safe, and give yourself space to be the loveable, flawed, goofy human you are - and remind yourself that's more than enough for this year and every other.

You deserve to have an amazing, restful end of the year, and an even more incredible 2023. There's no need for perfection, superhero hustling, or forcing things. You - fully embraced - is all you need.

Want to step into a more beautiful year and go after your dreams with me next year?

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You deserve a life & biz that feels as deep & rich as you feel inside, and expresses your magic.

Three cheers to you for being brave enough to take steps everyday to create it!

xoxo Jess

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