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A Five Minute Trick to Help You Feel Happier, Instantly

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Let's face it: we're all feeling rundown these days. If you're reading this in 2020, we're smack dab in the middle of a pandemic. And if you happen to be reading this a little later, I bet you there are still creative hiccups and challenges taking place. Burnout, feeling rundown, and general overwhelm are no strangers to a creative life!

If you're feeling the strain, you're not alone!

Luckily, we're not at the mercy of external things. We can apply our mental resources to acting out negative worries... or we can use our minds for good and see how just impactful a simple act of kindness can be.

Here's a quick and simple way to bring a little positivity to your day, no matter what's going on.

Here's how it works. Our goal: to create joy, on purpose.

The first step is to set your intention. Say to yourself: "I'm going to perform one small act of kindness in the next five minutes." You probably have something in mind already!

Next, set your timer! While you can do this over the course of the day, I highly recommend you try it in five minute boosts. There's just something rewarding about taking FIVE purposeful minutes to intentionally create joy. There are always ways you can share a little kindness in just five minutes.

When in doubt, remember one key element of "joy on purpose": Self care is also an act of kindness! If you're not certain where to begin, simply give yourself five intentional minutes of something that will boost your mood. It can be a few moments of quiet, an impromptu dance party in your chair, or a gander at a silly website to make you smile. The point isn't what you do, it's that you do: you're creating a five minute block of space to deliberately create a happy moment, for yourself or someone else.

And the best part? That rewarding feeling is going to help you create some of those 'feel good' chemicals to help you rise up above the fray of what might be currently getting you down.

It's not a cure, or a fix, or an easy answer: but it's a START! I firmly believe that no matter how tough things are, there are always some small things we can do to help ourselves. And usually, they're a lot simpler than we realize. 

So if this is you, give it a shot. Think of it this way: you ALREADY do amazing things for other people all the time -- why not frame it ON PURPOSE to create joy for yourself and others?

I hope this brings a smile to your day - give this a share if it lightens your load a little! As always, I'm rooting for you. 

Want to see this idea in visuals instead? Visit here for a full walk-through of the exercise!

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