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Inside Creative Money Awakening!

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What exactly IS Creative Money Awakening? And how does it work?

So glad you asked! 

Creative Money Awakening is the revolutionary program and lifetime access circle that helps creatives, visionaries and soul led entrepreneurs explore every stage of creative business from a scientific & spiritual perspective, so they can create the work of their heart, share & sell it with conviction and bold confidence, and receive wealth, impact, and more from it.

It is not a one-and-done program that you work through in a specific amount of time.

Instead, it's built to grow with you, no matter where you are on your journey, and it's structure allows your journey to unfold at your own pace.

You may work your way through the lessons and exercises once in order, and then dip back to specific libraries that suit you whenever you find yourself blocked or feeling wobbly in different areas. You know how sometimes you look at a painting a see one thing, and then the next time you notice something entirely different?

That's how this program works. It will meet you where you are, and you can think of it like a long term spiritual and strategic sidekick to help you as you make the work that matters and get it out into the world. (And get paid for it!)


If you chose to do one exercise per week, you'd have enough content to fill up nearly an entire year! It's a wonderland of creative, soulful, and strategic business exploration, tailored to you.

To understand what's inside, it helps to see the basic framework. 

Money Awakening is essentially five medicine wheels, with spiritual tools and  scientifically-informed strategies all laid out in easy to digest videos, no-nonsense lessons, practical guidance and step-by-step breakthroughs.

This is not a "me monologuing about energy for hours" type of program that you soak up via osmosis. (Though it would be fun as background noise while you work, I suppose!)

This is concrete, honest, and well-explained ideas & action steps that you can implement immediately. Deep spiritual work, coming from a longtime science communicator who knows how to break down big concepts!

Each video comes with printable material with every lesson described in steps (if necessary), as well as all of the additional prompts, sample walkthroughs, extra guidance, and everything else you need to take it and run on your own schedule. 

I'd recommend first watching the video lesson to let it soak in, and then grabbing the downloads or worksheets to help you flesh it all out in more detail as you continue.

We explore every aspect of creative moneymaking in this program, and each aspect is represented by a unique Soul Archetype. Every realm we explore builds upon the last - and it's all connected - just like you

See below for the visual - we start in the middle and expand out!


There are six libraries in Money Awakening - including lessons to awaken each Soul Archetype, along with a foundational library of Moneywaking Tools that you'll use throughout. The Soul Archetype libraries help you work through the fundamental stages of making money in your soul led business.


  • Waking the Wild Woman Archetype- Connecting to your soul, spirit, creative intuition, & callings, so you can create the work that resonates with your deepest missions; this is the energy of wild creativity, freedom, & your soul led desires, so you can actually make the work that you're meant to make reflects your soul purpose.
  • Waking the Weaver Archetype- Connecting to the spirit of your business, offers, and unique medicine, so you can partner with these energies and begin the process of true co-creation; this is where you learn to 'speak universe', and how to steward energies rather than 'force' your creativity.


  • Waking the Supernova Archetype - Connecting to your authority, integrity, visibility, and expertise, so you show up confidently and be seen for your soul's deepest message; this is where you learn how to hone the freedom to share your expression fully with your people.
  • Waking the Trailblazer Archetype - Connecting to your community, people, and the universe, so you can blaze a trail to your highest impact, and sniff out the resistance you have in doing so; this is where you break down your internal barriers to your impact and freedom.


  • Waking the Changemaker Archetype - Connecting to your version of wealth, money, and power itself, so you can model and experience unfiltered wealth, and create the ripple effect of badass visionary the world needs; this is where we buddy up your message, medicine, and moneymaker to root in your most authentic self


The program is delivered in your course portal, with one new library (module) releasing each week for six weeks. (You do not need to keep up with this pace! Don't even try!)

You'll get an email when new material releases, along with a note from me with everything you can expect.

The first week you join, you'll receive the Money Awakening Foundations library, which includes videos about the Money Awakening Map, the 8 Realms of Creative Moneywaking, our signature Money Awakening "Mapping" techniques, and more. 

These videos will be so handy for you going forward, and help you root in the deepest. You're going to want to ensure you watch these videos before moving to the Archetype work, since we use these tools often!

From there, you'll unlock one new library of content each week - representing each of the Soul Archetypes! (So next up would be the Wild Woman, then the Weaver, etc.)


Your Money Awakening journey comes with a built-in community of like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives, who are all working through the program at their own pace.

This online space is where all of our monthly live calls will be delivered, along with daily and weekly guidance. You can share your wins & challenges, seek out some guidance or inspiration, and chat about all things creative biz & monewaking. When you sign up, be sure to jump in the group so you don't forget!


On the first Thursday of every month, you'll have a chance to join in on a Moneywaker coaching call. It is not necessary to have done any particular section of the program to take part, and you're welcome to join in and soak up the vibes. During these calls, we'll explore various Moneywaking themes, anything topical that's arising seasonally, share some impromptu oracle readings - and much more. Consider this a casual, no-homework opportunity to bring a little more moneywaker magic into your daily life.

If you can't make the calls, they'll be housed in your portal and within the group! (If we end up with a huge group at some point that requires dual time zones, I'll be on it.)

As I mentioned above, this is not a program that you'll want to speed through or expect to "finish" in a quick timeline. Transformation is a cycle.

It's totally okay to go at your own pace, and explore these deeper layers and unfoldings in the way that's right for you - that's why you have lifetime access!

If you need some extra accountability, the group is there for you, along with me and your fellow Moneywakers!


Well, if you really want my opinion - what's next is you clicking here and joining us!

Truly, Money Awakening is the only space on the internet that is equal parts soul, science, creativity, business, and moneymaking - all in one go. It's certainly the last money program you'll ever buy, and it will complement all of the work you've already done in so many beautiful ways.

Listen to that nudge and get your butt in here!


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