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My Top Five Youtube Channels for Background Music While Working

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My Top Five Youtube Channels for Writing

Quick tip today, party possums!

Do you write or create to music? Not only is it a great way to help you focus, it can also be key to programming your brain to set an actual creative habit. (Because you begin to associate the specific music with being 'in the zone'!) At this point in my career, I've been writing to certain soundtracks (and movies, but that's another post!), that all I need to do is start a playlist to feel a little more inspired.

The next time you've got a pocket of time to work, try pairing it with one of these background soundtracks. I've listened to all of them at various times in my work life, and there are tons more on the channels themselves! Do some digging!

Here are five to start with:

  • Movie Soundtracks! My all-time favorite resource for writing music is movie and video game soundtracks. They're both designed to keep you interested and focused, without distracting you. Some faves of mine are A Beautiful MindInterstellar, and Jurassic Park.

Bonus: I've written several books to these two soundtracks as well!

I hope this list brings you loads of inspiration! Keep me posted on your favorites! 

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