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Note: This blog post is a duplicate of what subscribers received in my weekly letter, the week of November 6th. (Election Week!) Usually, we talk creativity -- but this week called for something a little different.

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Well, this week has been a long year, hasn't it?!

Full disclosure: I'm writing this email to you on Friday morning, so as of yet, I'm coming from a place of knowing absolutely nothing as far as how "this week" will play out.

Since we're all not exactly feeling our most productive currently, I thought it would be fun to lean into it -- instead of sharing my usual creative tips and tricks, today I'm sharing only things that will make you feel smile. That's it.

My stats show me that a good deal of subscribers come from the US, so consider it a virtual hug from me, your Emotional Support Canadian! (And if you happen to be from other places -- you can still enjoy this list!)

I, and the rest of the country here, are pulling for you!

Enjoy this list & soak in all the goodness you can!

25 Totally Awesome Things We Can Smile About


1. Good news! Scientists rediscovered a species of chameleon they hadn't seen for over a hundred years!

2. Commercial whaling may be over in Iceland. Yay!

3. This kind gent opened up his home to 300 dogs to protect them during Hurricane Delta.

4. Delaware's Sarah McBride just made history!

5. A Dutch Metro train was saved by a total fluke. (Seriously, that's one of the best jokes I've written in my life, so please enjoy it.) 

6. The world's largest Seagrass Restoration project is a complete success! GO SEAGRASS!

7. This doctoral student made a skirt out of her rejection letters to normalize failure -- because it's okay to fail, and you should be proud of your failures, too!

8. After asking for help, Strand Bookstore in NYC received 25,000 orders in one weekend. Bookstores, y'all -- we need them!

9. Scientists are inspired by cicada wings to create waterproof surfaces that will also repel bacteria. This could be useful for all types of waterproofing!

10. Never forget that quokkas exist, and they are adorable!

11. This 5th grader is working hard to get 100,000 meals to folks in time for Thanksgiving. What a guy!

12. This poop-sniffing dog is helping to save endangered whales!

13. Another child saving the world -- this 14 year old girl just won 25K for her work at developing a Covid cure!

14. Persian leopards are set to make a comeback! More cats for the world!

15. A 9 year old girl lost all of her baseball cards in a fire, but guess what -- this gent donated his collection of 25,000 cards to her to make up for it! (He could have sold them for oodles, but nope - he did the nice thing, instead. What a champ.)

16. Heads up, space nerds, we've got WATER ON THE MOON!

17. This lady missed restaurants, so she decided to open her own --- for a chipmunk.

18. Just...wow. Doctors and scientists have developed PPE that now enables them to perform surgery on deaf children during covid. A total first!

19. Animals make everything better - here is a collection of Live Cams so you can enjoy them all day!

20. Grab your tissues for this one -- check out this amazing farm that connects special needs kids with injured animals. Forming bonds for life!

21. Pretty amazing to realize that one day, we might be powering our houses with microorganisms that live in the dirt.

22. Filed under adorable rascals. I mean, breaking and entering is wrong, but I think we can all make an exception for these thieves.

23. No link needed on this one: you're reading this email right now, which shows that you're in a developed world with a roof over your head (yay!), friendly thoughts coming your way (from yours truly!), and loads of potential ahead of you -- simply because you're amazing, creative, curious, and YOU. That's always worth celebrating.

24. Amidst all the chaos of our daily lives, never forget that you're in an absolutely amazing world. You're not apart from it -- you're a part of it. How lucky for us! 

25. Ending on the best note possible, this turtle is awesome.

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled letters next week. In the meantime, stay safe, take care of yourself, and know that I'm rooting for you!


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