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year end reflection questions for creative entrepreneurs

Five Simple Questions to Reflect On Your Year

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There are oodles of 2020 reflection posts happening right now, (I recommend this one if you want a deep dive), but in the spirit of lazy personal development, I wanted to share five questions that will not only be succinct to tackle, but are also guaranteed to bring some happy vibes your way. Creativity thrives on reflection, so let's see if we can cap off 2020 with some intention here!

Jot them down in a journal and see what comes up!

Who do you need to thank for their presence or role in your life this year?

Enough said, right? This year has been a doozy, but with every challenge there are heroes that arise. Who were your heroes this year? Bonus: write a note to them and actually thank them!

What small things gave you joy this year?

Keeping a notebook beside your bed can help with this one. What small things pop up throughout your day to bring a smile? Is there any way you can introduce more of them in 2021?

What did you change your mind about this year?

I know I'm not alone on this one: 2020 has made me reprioritize a lot! What's on your list? How have you changed, and how will you carry this change forward next year?

What are some strengths you think you've developed this year?

I'll name one for you: resilience! If you're here, you've got it. What else is on your list? You're a badass, so list out the ways and revel in your awesome!

What aspects, outlooks, or priorities do you want to bring forward to 2021?

Where the rubber meets the road: for all the notes you made above, what do you actually want to bring with you to another year? Will you set some time to intentionally engage with small joys? Will you test your strengths even more? Will you vow to never again wear uncomfortable pants? 

However you answer these questions, I hope they leave you feeling proud for being here, eager to treat yourself well, and ready to engage in some quality rest over the holiday season. 

Want to share your answers with me? Tweet me or respond directly to this email -- I'd love to hear from you and am always here with cheering gifs.

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