Turn Your Creativity Into The Life-Changing Career That's Calling You

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Creative Moneywaker Academy®

From "meh" to "mad moneymaking mojo" - this is the online school that'll help you make more money without selling your soul to the business gods.

This is the boat rockin' biz program that uses the science of creativity to help trailblazing creatives, writers, & biz owners supercharge their creative voice & heal their deepest blocks, so they build a business that lets them live the life they actually want.

with Bestselling Author, Scientist, Speaker, & Creativity Anti-Guru, Jess Keating

Hells yes, we've got street cred...

Check out my fridge art.

If you wanna make more money, clap your hands 👏 👏 ...

(Pre-emptive apologies for that earworm!) 

This you, boo?

1. You are a creative entrepreneur, writer, or otherwise delightfully creative soul who wants to make money with your awesome work, yet it's like pulling teeth from a rabid crocodile to actually make it happen.

2. You swear you're really smart and talented and are maybe even a card-carrying overachiever (hey girl, same!), but you still find the whole "make money doing what you love" thing to be stressful, overwhelming, or (frankly) something that keeps you up at night.

3. You're working so damn hard doing the work you know you're supposed to do, yet you feel like you've got little to actually show for it in your bank account. (Because having "an aligned, purpose-driven business" sounds great and all, but doesn't pay the bills if you aren't actually making bank, does it?)

4. And honestly? You're bone tired. All your life, you've had that deep inner knowing that you’re meant for more and can practically taste it, but bringing that dream into reality feels like 

5. Bananapants bonus if you're (a) a multipassionate creative who feels constrained by prettttty much all traditional business advice; (b) building that side hustle dream but need a hand doing it in a way that doesn't suck the fun out of it all because what is the point of another job that sucks the life outta you?; (c) someone who is deeply inspired by the actual stuff you create, but making a living out of it is a big, giant drag.

Or how about these symptoms on your moneymaking Bingo card??

(I know, it's the world's worst game of BINGO.) How many of these are YOU?

You've Played 'Belief Whack-a-Mole' 

...with your 'limiting beliefs' & 'vision-boarded' new realities until you could practically taste them, yet your dreams are nowhere to be found in your actual reality.

You Feel Incredibly Called to Share Your Message

...and your work with the world, but no amount of self care or strategy seems to heal the mental & emotional exhaustion of online biz & moneymaking that weighs on you.

You've Tried Zillions of "Fail-Proof' Strategies

...along with freebies, workshops, "wealth codes", and more from sparkly celeb entrepreneurs, and you're starting to question "am the problem here?!" (Spoiler: you're not.)

You're a (Recovering) Hustlebug

...perfectionist, procrastinator, or imposter syndromer, and despite your best efforts, you kiinda wanna shake the next person who says 'just decide!'

You've Flexed Your "Manifest It' Muscles

...and have done the inner work, and even taken all the 'aligned action' you can muster, but you're still wondering what on earth you're missing...

You Can Sense Something More For You

...and truly believe (on a good day!) that it's possible, but haven't quite landed on your unique way to bring it all together just yet.

Buuut, despite all that work... 

You still find these sticky, sneaky thoughts worming their way into your mind while you work/mess around in Canva/queue up another Netflix binge:

  • Is there actually a way of making an awesome living with my work that doesn't feel like I'm stuffing my creative soul into a garbage disposal
  • Will I always feel so burnt out, exhausted, & freakin' resentful about where I'm at vs. where I want to be? Why does the GAP have to suck so much?!
  • Will I EVER stop doubting myself, stressing over money, or feeling frustrated, at this so-called "aligned" moneymaking thing?!
  • How can I fully step into the expressive & creative-badass version of my life that I can feel waiting for me? What ELSE can I do?!
  • Honestly, am I just imagining the success & impact I feel I'm meant to have in this lifetime? IS IT ME?!
  • What do I gotta do to stop self sabotaging & holding myself back on that majorly deep level and just, like, "make it happen" already?
  • Isn't creative business & supposed to be more magical, and, er... creative than this?
  • Why do I feel like I'm doing everything, and yet the reality doesn't reflect any of that hard work?!

...And even:

  • Is the whole 'make money doing what you love" thing just a cruel myth or something reserved for Special People™️ with perfect hair and generational wealth?!

And above all, you're saying:

This isn't even FUN anymore - it's just a giant-ass chore and crapshoot of stress, overwork, & worry -- except I know if I give up I will regret it FOREVER because this is what I KNOW I want to do!

Making lifechanging money with your creative work doesn't need to feel like pulling teeth from a PMSing hippo.

(Even if you're a multipassionate weirdo who'd rather be making stuff than "doing business".)

Step into my office (which is really a chaise lounge)


The World's Most Delightful (And Practical) School for Creatives That'll Make You Braver, Wiser... & Richer.

Because the world doesn't need more starving artists! Or starving writers. Or starving creatives of any kind, thanksverymuch - let's make sure all creative badasses are making doctor money.

Being a creative soul is a GIFT, and you can make amazing money at it when you do it your way.

Inside, you're going to learn how to blend the science of unlocking your creative voice, the strategy of finding your way of making money, and the rule-breaking methods to ditch conformity and be the richest person in the room. 

✅ The Neuroscience of Creative Healing

(so you know it will work for you & your unique brain & body)

✅ The Deep Soul Work of Creative Expression

(so you'll shed layers of online business gunk holding you back)

✅ The Grounded, Sustainable Strategy

(so you know you won't have to run yourself into the ground doing it.)

"This program is revolutionary."

-F. Black - Transformational Coach


That's that #1 thing Moneywakers want to skywrite with a plane after spending time inside Creative Money Awakening.

(Okay, for real - maybe not "skywrite" because they're too busy making a dent in the universe with their amazing work, but you get me.)

Normally people rave "You helped me free my creative voice" and "where have you been all my life with this moneymaking magic, Jess?!"

It gets to be fun, magical, and lounging-in-the-chaise-chill... all at the same time.

This is why Creative Moneywaker Academy® exists.

Your creativity changes the world.

I'm here to help you set your voice free, get paid meaningful moolah for what you do --

...and build that business that feels good to you.

This unconventional school and program is built for you if you're:

  • A multipassionate soul (translation: black sheep/weirdo!) who refuses to be boxed up or watered down - like a creator, writer, or artist with a biz

  • An intuitive & creative powerhouse, with a message to share with the world through your voice and business (even if you're not quite sure how to do it yet)

  • A trailblazer or overall badass, who is done looking outside of themselves for answers and wants to chart their own course of what "rich" looks like

  • Someone who loves to go deep and is sick to the core of traditional business and money advice that makes your soul feel like it's gonna fall out of your butt

  • Deeply led to express yourself in your business, yet are simply done with the usual overwhelm, burnout, and emotional exhaustion that comes with making money from your talents

Make Your Creativity 10X More Moneymaking

It's not about working harder.

It's about finding what actually works for your unique brain, body, & creative spirit.

Here's a peek at what we do...

You'll Make More Meaningful Money

...doing the stuff that feels joyful, easy, powerful & in line with what you actually want to do.

You'll understand your deep blocks & resistance

...with eagle-eyed clarity, so you always know exactly what to do to to move forward. ALWAYS.

You'll Learn Your Exact Steps to Success

...so you can earn more, feel rock solid confidence, and actually rest without guilt when you want to!

You'll Know Your Purpose & Unique Gifts

...so you can weave them into your actual business in the way that helps you reach those big dreams.

You'll Rewrite Your Entire Money Reality

...and shape your relationship with your creative spirit & business to reflect your highest potential.

You'll Learn Your Creative Languages

...so you can cut through imposter syndrome, perfectionism, self doubt, and the inner turmoil of online biz.

You'll Heal Your Unique Self Sabotages

...with practical steps & clear science so your mind, body, & creative spirit can finally work together. 

You'll Unlock Your Creative Genius

...and officially become the most creative, authentically expressive person in the room, finally feeling like yourself at your best.

You'll Heal Every Layer of Your Money Ecosystem

...so you can not only create the work of your heart, but also share, sell, promote, scale, and receive from it.

You don't need more creative pep talks.

You need creative science.

Imagine waking up everyday:

Actually LIVING the creative life & business you want, instead of spending all day dreaming, strategizing, longing for, or otherwise wasting precious time visualizing it

• Not only feeling at home in your beautiful creative biz, but knowing & feeling that it’s truly as alive and vibrant as you are?

Being your own guru, so you can ignore the advice that sucks for you and know without fail how to uncover and shift every single deep block, turning your fear into actual cash.

• Feeling so connected to your purpose, business, offers, and creations that you can stop second-guessing yourself, or losing yourself to overwhelm, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and all the usual suspects that hold you back

• Knowing in your heart that you’re doing the work you love, & living the life that best supports you, but also allows you to spend your time on this planet in a way that helps you create a ripple effect of legacy-shifting impact

How's it work?

It all starts by integrating your body, mind, nervous system, and creative soul.

This program takes you on a deep dive journey to help you learn precisely how to create, share, sell, and receive from the creative work that matters most to you, so you can shape a business that honours who you you actually are.


Here's exactly what you get to help you shake your Moneywaker...

The Moneywaker Libraries

✅ 6 Libraries of practical, down-to-earth, and powerful self-packed Moneywaker modules (with lifetime access!)

✅ 50 digestible, no-fluff videos (!!) that share the exact processes & exercises to help you awaken each of the 5 Creative Moneywaker® Archetypes

✅ All of the science, soul work, & deep healings necessary to help you create, share, sell, earn more with your creative work - so you can shape your business from the inside out.

All the Moneywaker Goods

✅ The Full Moneywaker School Workbook (print this so you've got it handy!)

✅ All the detailed worksheets, step-by-step exercises, transcripts, audios, healings in one easy to navigate portal

✅ Closed captioning & PDF formats, so you can actually implement your training on your own schedule and timeline (and learn the way that suits you best!)

The Private Creative Moneywakers Members Circle

✅ Get your questions answered, find daily support, and grow with fellow entrepreneurs, trailblazing leaders, and creatives who are with you every step of the way.

✅ Catch all of the coaching calls, work with me live, watch earlier trainings, and enjoy 24/7 access to moneywaking magic & support - and go deep on any and all Moneywaker content that you're currently exploring.

Library of Compass Calls

✅ The whole shebang! Connect with me in the group & explore Moneywaker calls in a way that suits every level, no matter where you are in the program.

✅ Check out the replay library so you can listen in while walking your dog,  doing the dishes, or binge-listen anytime!

✅ Guided journeys & Moneywaker practice, all with a single click. (Plus very useful accountability and check-ins if you need 'em!)

OKAY you've got me - but how does Moneywaker Academy actually work??.

Nosy Nellie? Me too. Let's break it down.

Each of the modules is a powerhouse wheel of transformation that will bust 5 Creative Moneywaker® Blocks that connect you to wealth-building power, creativity, soul-powered action, and all the juicy stuff that brings your business to LIFE.

You know how they say success starts "from within"? 

This is how you get there.

Take a look below.

Meet Your Moneywaker® Dream Team...

In Moneywaker Academy, we combine cutting edge science, powerful soul work, and mind-blowing perspective shifts to awaken your most creative self on every level. We leave no stone unturned, and embrace mystery, curiosity, and discovery along the way.


The Foundations! You'll learn how to explore every aspect of your life & business in a way that allows your richest self to thrive. With the 8 realms of Money Awakening, you'll gain the practical concepts & techniques to integrate your mind, body, soul, creative callings, and so much more.

You’ll explore:

  • The Moneywakers Map! The Map. The legend. This living map is yours to finetune your entire creative process with your soul, your business, your body, and more.
  • The signature Money Awakening Mapping techniques, so you can combine depth with simplicity, and implement moneywaking work in an easy, practical, and no-fuss way, today & everyday
  • The Awakened Soul Shifts necessary to create your money dreams with soulful integrity, so you can say goodbye to moving goal posts, self doubt, imposter syndrome, and other hangups.

…and much, much more!

The result? Mind-blowing clarity, for real. This module will blow your mind, so you can be fully empowered, ready, and crystal clear on how to get where you’re going. You’ll 8x your confidence, discover how to sniff out every blindspot, and give yourself some long overdue understanding of the soulful mechanics of your money destiny.


Think those million dollar ideas are reserved to the "special people"? Not on my watch. We'll begin the deep work of fine tuning the connection to your creative spirit, soul, and intuition, so you can harness them for powerful moneywaking moves.

In this module, you will:

  • Dissect the ‘Six Branches of Your Intuition Ecosystem’ to learn the exact blocks hiding your intuition, creative spirit, and soul missions right now.
  • Learn to Speak Soul, to understand the unique languages, symbols, and archetypes that your soul uses to speak to you (and no one else!), so you can cultivate a trusting relationship with your moneywaking self
  • Learn my revolutionary ‘Soul Fractals’ system for clearing your blindspots, resistance, and gaps that are hiding your deepest gifts, so the creative work of your business gets easier, the flow gets flowier, and the money gets money-er.
  • Learn the ‘Moneywakers Life Raft’, so you can partner with your fears to transform any challenge, overwhelm, or tough emotion into action (and money!)

…and much more

The Result: A ridiculous level of creative firepower, and the inner oomph to use it to create your soul work. You’ll awaken your deepest self, so you can take practical steps in your business that are perfectly tailored to you.


You’re not in this alone, you know. In this module, you’ll learn how to see your soul purpose with new eyes, creating the inner mastery to partner with cosmic support and guidance - with your business, offers, and blocks acting as powerful allies.

Here, you'll:

  • Learn the ‘Moneywaking Rubber Ducky Test’, and discover the exact steps to align your soul mission, biz, and creative soul, while closing practical and energetic leaks to profit and abundance.
  • Develop the ‘Soul Channels S.H.I.P It Technique’ to partner with the spirit of your business to create more ease, more inspiration, more freedom, and (duh), more money.
  • Discover your Money Awakening ‘Soul Fractal Energy Infusions’ to unlock unseen support from the universe
  • Play with the ‘Cosmic Compass’ to release old soul blocks and precisely pinpoint and reclaim your soul essence, so you can befriend self sabotage

…and more! 

The Result: True cosmic awareness and support in your creatively-led business. Feel the weight of the world (and your biz) on your shoulders? Not after this module, you won't.


As a creative entrepreneur, your expression is your moneymaker. This Supernova Module walks you through the practical steps and soul work to find, claim and share your truest self expression, so you can show up as a thought leader, visionary, and expert in your field.

In this one, you will:

  • Dig into your ‘Soul Fractals of Expression’ and learn how to release your deepest blocks to sharing your work & message
  • Master the ‘Moneywakers Weaving Inspiration’ exercise to partner neuroscience with energywork to blast past your sticky false limitations
  • Walk the Self Sabotage Soul Steps, to partner with every self sabotage holding you back, so you can show up, make more money, and do your thing without losing yourself, and keep your mind-body-nervous system (aka your 'meatsuit' ) happy!

...and so much more!

The Result: Pitch perfect self knowledge to crank your Visibility up to 11. Grow as a leader in your industry, and let your expression expand on every level - body, mind, and soul. You’ll create the soul level foundations to share your message fearlessly and create your ripple effect of impact in the world.


Feeling like there’s a whole world of possibility out there waiting for you, but you just can’t quite grasp it yet? That’s your cue that it’s time to awaken the Trailblazer. In this module, we tear down the barriers keeping you from the uncharted territory of your deepest self.

Awakening the Trailblazer, you will:

  • Cultivate your ‘Soul Fractals of Opportunity’, so you can clear your deepest soul blocks and spot the magical opportunities in front of you
  • Design unique ‘Wealth Shapeshifters’ to build your business and money destiny around your own path & purpose
  • Spring your ‘Moneywaking Mouse Traps”, so you can future-proof your money dreams, release stagnant fear, and shift your worries into concrete, moneywaking action.
  • Perform ‘Energetic Surgery’ within your own blocks, and learn the exact steps to turn jealousy into the building blocks of your next big money move

…and more!

The Result: Radical Confidence & Trailblazer connection with everything that makes you money. Imagine not having to force anything - and instead create beautiful, powerful relationships with everything within your money ecosystem to do the work for you. It really can be as simple as that!


The money shot! In this module, you’ll fully step into the changemaker that’s been calling you and learn how to shift your relationship with money, wealth, and power itself, to create the life that’s calling you.

In this uber life-changing module, you will:

  • Step into your ‘Moneywakers Ecosystem’, so you can increase your money threshold in a way that actually works with your body instead of against it, and receive invaluable guidance on speed dial to get richer everyday
  • Uncover your ‘Soul Fractals of Wealth & Power’, to heal your soul relationship with money, and pinpoint blocks, resistance, and gaps to earning more, charging more, receiving more, saving more, and actually enjoying more money.
  • Laser focus your soulful moneywaking with the ‘Moneywaking Channels & Soul Flow” strategies, to streamline every stage of money-making in your business
    …and so much more!

The Result: Complete moneywaking mastery! Your dream life and legacy takes money, and in this module, you master money, wealth, and power on every level. You’ll co-create your money destiny to create a legacy for yourself, your family, and your soul led mission with your business. (Real talk: this module alone is worth the price of admission!)

For the love of KEANU, I am SO IN. I want to make more money with my creative genius!

Wait..Did you hear that?!

That's the sound of some sweet bonuses droppin'! 

On its own, admission to Moneywaker Academy will be more than enough to infuse a new creative & money reality into your life. You simply won’t be unchanged after experiencing the shifts and perspectives inside.

But I also know that life is life. 

Transformation isn’t a stagnant point on a map, it’s a path that twists and winds along with the inner stirrings of your creative spirit and business.

It wouldn’t be a Creative Money Awakening without a supportive ecosystem to help you as you create your own!

...That's why your invite also includes FOUR outrageously powerful bonuses to help you on your journey:


BONUS #1: Lifetime Access to ALL the Moneywaker Videos, PDFs, Workbooks, & Extra Goods.

I know life happens. People get sick. The wireless goes out. Dogs need vet appointments. It's okay!

Hop in to CMA today, and then take the time you need to go watch the videos, do the exercises, implement all the good stuff, and go at your own pace. We've got you! Owning your creative genius also means owning your timeline, and that starts here!

BONUS #2: Lifetime Access to the Moneywaker Members Circle

Hell yes.

You can’t make waves and build wealth without a powerhouse community of support to back you up.

Join us today and you’ll get lifetime instant access to the most soulful & creativecommunity on the internet, so you can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and creative souls.

BONUS #3: FIVE Powerful Money Awakening Soul Journeys

Haven’t experienced one of my Soul Journeys before? Ooh, baby, you’re in for a treat! These potent healing sessions are designed to help you tap your creative genius so you can gain invaluable gifts, information, healing, activations, guidance, and more – whenever you need them. 

You’ll use these powerful journeys in tandem with each module, to provide rich and vibrant soul care as you continue to expand your money destiny. They say you can’t bottle magic, but these five gems come close! (And they’re yours to keep for life, & revisit as often as you need them.)

From me to you, you’ll receive one soul journey for each incredible module:

  • The Wild Woman Soul Journey (MEET YOUR GENIUS)
  • The Weaver Soul Journey (SHAPE YOUR BIZ)
  • The Supernova Soul Journey (DIAL UP YOUR LIGHT)
  • The Trailblazer Soul Journey (TAKE IT GLOBAL)
  • The Changemaker Soul Journey (MAKE THAT MONEY)
Yes yes yes! I want to make more money being a creative badass!

Let's Talk Value...

Just because we're in the business of moneymaking doesn't mean we don't love a deal!

Here's some fast math for you.

  • Lifetime access to Creative Moneywaker Academy Modules - $2K each x 6 = $12,000
  • CMA Soul Journeys - $300 x 5 = $1500
  • A library of coaching calls = $5000
  • Lifetime access to all material + updates = Priceless
  • Lifetime access to the Moneymakers Members Circle & Community = $997
  • Showing as fully you in a biz that actually feels good = Priceless (but let's call it $1000)

(per year) TOTAL VALUE: $20,497


Note: Creative Moneywaker Academy® is a year round, lifetime access program. Joining means you will pay once (or two monthly payments) and then be in for life!

Own your genius and turn your creativity into the life-changing career that's calling you.

Don't worry - I got you. All packages include all material. 



Best Deal!

  • Full Creative Moneywaker Academy® Program
  • Access to 2023 live group coaching calls and full replay library 
  • All materials, PDFs, workbooks, audios, and digital downloads
  • Membership to the Creative Moneywakers Members Circle
  • All the bonuses!



Split the Difference

  • Full Creative Moneywaker Academy® Program
  • Access to 2023 live group coaching calls and full replay library
  • All materials, PDFs, workbooks, audios, and digital downloads
  • Membership to the Creative Moneywakers Members Circle
  • All the bonuses!

A Loving Warning:

This ain't your mama's 'mindset course'.

Instead, I’m inviting you to embark on a journey home to your deepest creative self, where you’ll heal your blocks, reclaim your creative destiny, and tend to every thread of the money tapestry that makes you you.

This work is unlike anything you've seen or done before. 

Starting today, you can truly learn practical steps to create the life that's been calling you all this time.

What's it like to work with Jess?

Here are some lovely words from even lovelier people...

About Your Instructor.

Heya! I'm Jess. I’m the multipassionate, deep-diving, and (gently) ass-kicking founder and creator of Creative Money Awakening™, who built a beautiful and varied creative business that is not only lucrative, but also expresses my creative callings & purpose. And I am eagerly waiting to welcome you to my world, so you can build & sustain that beautiful business around what you actually want to do.

I’m the anti-quantum leap mentor...

because I know that your deepest calling & wealth deserves time, soulful integrity, care, & holistic support to come into being.

I’m also an international bestselling author, scientist & creativity expert, whose brain & creative passion has brought in more than 5M dollars in creative revenue doing the legacy-building work of my heart. I’ve spoken on stages to more than 100,000 creatives, undertaken the deepest dives of creative biz & healing, and spent countless hours poring through the real science and grounded creativity of soul led success so you don’t have to waste another second looking outside of yourself for answers.

Let's be clear: You don't need another traditional 'business coach'.

I'm not going to teach you how I run my business, so you can replicate that and become a mini-me. That’s boring as hell, and you already know that’s not the true path to freedom within your business that’s waiting for you.

What you need is a true Creative Awakening, that awakens every aspect of your soul, life, & creative calling that brings you wealth, and which enables you to make cosmic shifts such as:

  • Tapping into your full creative spirit & expression to create the work you know you're here to create
  • Reconnecting to your own expertise & creative vision to share that work - all while supporting your nervous systems, creative spirit, and aligning to the greater values of your business.
  • Shaping & mapping creativity & business models that sustainably support your body, mind, & spirit, to share your work & weave success that is based on YOU and you alone.
  • Cultivating a rejuvenated, gentle relationship with your business, complete with a game plan for how to do things your way.

If you've scrolled this far...

...there's something I want you to know.

This sounds like a creative biz program, but at its heart, it’s really a deep soul YOU program, so you can partner your deepest creative stirrings and unique medicine with the art and science of co-creating the work that matters.

Did you know that less than 2% of women entrepreneurs ever reach six figures? And less so for millionaire status?

That is not the recipe for patriarchy-crumbling, legacy-making & world-changing.

And it's certainly not the path to a fulfilling, joyful creative life that feels right to you.

Creative Moneywaker Academy® is designed for you, if...

You've so done your time with 'the work'

...mindset, 'inner work', and more - but you know there's SO much more of yourself to discover & express (and can practically taste the money wanting to reach you when you do!)

You're a soulful, badass thought leader

...with gifts & medicine you know are begging to be shared more fully and widely with the world - and are ready to step into that full potential that's calling you.

You Long for Freedom, Funds, & Fulfillment

...and know that your soul-powered business needs to be full of life to help you get there, and are sick & tired of your life not reflecting the depth you feel inside.

You're Done-zo with Cookie Cutter Anything

...celeb-biz strategies, guru-speak, word salad, and duct-taping together boxed up modalities aren't pulling their weight & you know it's time for YOUR map to matter more.

You're Open to the Mysteries & Joys

...of your deepest self, and already know you're an amazing, whole, beautiful soul with something to share -- and now you're ready to give that soul a voice in the world.

You Have a Deep Desire for Expression

...and you don't just want a business that makes money, you want to live your life in a way that reflects your values, soul's purpose, & callings. No questions asked.

My creative friend, I say this with love:

This might feel daunting.

You are doing a disservice to yourself and the rest of the planet by not living your absolute richest, most creative life.

Your gifts and talents are needed. Your work is needed. The expression of your creativity is needed.

YOU are probably dying to meet the most creatively fulfilled you - but so are the rest of us.

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of power on the planet, and by not doing the deepest work to integrate your physical body, soul, and amazing business, you’re hiding from your true impact.

And you’re keeping it from us. Let's not hide, okay?

UM YES HELLO I want in this CREATIVES-ONLY Moneywaker Academy!!

The not-so-secret secret...

I get it. There's no shortage of programs out there to help you make money or be successful. 

But here's the hand-to-heart truth:

Every program or course I've encountered has been lacking in one fundamental way:

None of them felt built for truly creative souls.

Some people are creative.

Others are Creatives. (That's us!)

And because of that, a lot of business advice, well-intentioned guidance, and even "manifestation" tips can make you feel trapped, like you have to somehow smother your creative soul to fit into a box of "how business works".

And that feeling can make you fold up your dreams over time, until they get so small that they could get stuck in your pocket, until they're lost in the wash for good.

I refuse to let that happen.

Together, we'll blend evidence-based science, grounded spirituality, and your unique callings to make your mark with your creative heart.

Is this the right place for you?

I built Creative Moneywaker Academy with three things in mind:

To Honour Your Creative Soul

This is a space for creatives that fully embraces the complexity of the unique creative spirit & the journey of creativity of making the work that matters to you.

To Harness the Real Science of Success

Nerd alert! This is a space that understands & shares the actual, evidence-based science behind how best to create transformation & holistic success.

To Provide Mind, Body, & Soul Integration

This is a space that gives you tools to navigate all stages of moneymaking, from creation to sharing, to selling, to scaling - so you can tend yourself on every level.

 Who the heck am I to be your guide?

As your (gently) butt-kicking guide, here's what you get from me:

  • Honest, uber-practical, and down to earth guidance, from a highly-trained scientist, creative, & soulful teacher 
  • In-the-trenches-with-you understanding & inspiration, backed by 15 years of full time creative entrepreneurship, that has brought in oodles of creative dollars in a multitude of fields. (True story: I've always been my own boss.)
  • A sense of humour, strategic insights, & gently motivating Moneywaker support when you need it most (I've been described as "Liz Gilbert meets Jen Sincero with a dash of Bill Nye"!, so if you like your  guidance with a side of science & no-BS soul, I'm your girl.)

Creative Moneywaker Academy® is a wonderland of science-backed tools, soulful strategies, and integrative practical magic to help you dive into your fullest creative expression - meticulously designed by someone who gets that creative living requires an entirely different way of doing business.

If you've ever wanted a creative fairygodmother who can help you wave a wand over your entire moneymaking life, join today and you'll be saying bibbity-bobbity-CHA-CHING before you know it!


The Most FA of Qs

Uber-stoked to offer my Keating High Five Risk-Free 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee™️, but ya won't need it because this Academy is AMAZEBALLS.