Your gifts are too amazing to hide.

Get ready to break out of your comfort zone, overcome your blocks, and show up on video confidently to build your audience, leverage your strengths, and share your gifts with the world.


Is this you?

I've been there. I used to shy away from video (I even used a picture that wasn't my face on social media!) because I was nervous to share who I really was. There is no point in hiding how amazing you are, my friend - and I can help you get past all the practical, mental, and emotional blocks to your fear of video.

Leveraging authentic video is one of the most effective ways to grow your career and these skills will serve you for a lifetime.

We're going to cover it all in five transformational days!


I totally get it. You don't need to be an extrovert to leverage video for your business. I'll show you how to show up with confidence & authenticity, while keeping it fun.


You're not alone! What's the difference between Youtube, Instagram Reels, Lives, Stories... and everything else? You'll learn how and why to use each platform to meet your goals.


I got you covered. I'll be sharing EVERY piece of equipment I use to create video for each platform, along with handy templates for useful apps to streamline your creative video process.

It's time for you to start showing up.

When it comes to building an audience, sharing your work, and growing a creative career, nothing beats video. Sure, it drives clicks and engagement like nothing else - but more importantly, it gives your audience a chance to really know you.

By not showing up video, you're:

  • missing out on key opportunities that will grow your career
  • not giving your audience a chance to meet you and LOVE you
  • leaving money on the table (it belongs in your bank account!)
  • missing opportunities to build trust with your audience (if you don't have work to sell yet - this time is especially precious!)

Don't let fear and overwhelm keep you from showing up in your career.

Live Feedback from the Masterclasses

Go behind-the-scenes with me and create compelling, authentic, and bulletproof videos to get seen, heard, and paid for who you are.

What you will get:

Why learn from me?


This course is for you if...

  • You can afford it without putting yourself in financial harm

  • You are ready to learn and watch the trainings (replays available!)

  • You are eager and excited to begin showing up more in your creative career

  • You are a creative professional - such as an author, illustrator, artist, or creative entrepreneur (or aspiring to be any of these things!)

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You don't have ANY experience with social media or computers (you will need access to the internet and a Facebook account to fully take part!)
  • You aren't committed to trying something new and want someone else to do the work for you

You do NOT need to be a published author to join.

These are valuable, comprehensive skills for any stage of your creative journey!


What would it be like if?