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Eat Your Rocks, Croc - Insider Secrets!

As you probably know, books don't always end up the way the started! Read on below for a few behind-the-scenes tidbits about the making of this book! (And share them with any kids in your life - it can really help them understand the importance of patience, persistence, and revision!)

  1. The very first idea for this book came to me on February 10th, 2016. (I had to check my word docs for that info, it's been so long.) The premise was simply "animals asking life advice", and I knew I wanted an exceptionally cute female animal to be the lead.
  2. Dr. Sugar Glider wasn't always Dr. Sugar Glider! The first several drafts included our adorable doctor leading the charge to help animals, but she was known as Dr. Sugarpaws at first! (A few folks thought this name might be a little suggestive, so we changed it!)
  3. Originally, I envisioned the book as a series of letters between Dr. Glider and her patients. This was fun, but we quickly realized we would have much more fun sending her on house calls! 
  4. When I was picturing an illustrator for the book, I knew I wanted someone who could bring Dr. Glider's world to life in a dynamic and hilarious way. Pete Oswald was at the top of my list (he has an incredible way of illustrating animals with such character!), but I never got the chance to share this with an editor. Instead, they came to me and suggested Pete themselves! Talk about a perfect fit. 
  5. I always knew I wanted Dr. Glider to be a female sugar glider. As a child, I was deeply inspired by many animal loving personalities, including Steve Irwin, and the Kratt Brothers! (I actually dedicated the book to the Kratts!) I will always be grateful to these guys, but I do wish there were more female "creature adventurers" out there in the media. It's so important for girls and boys to see strong women in leadership roles (even if they are sugar gliders!), so I knew she would be a fun, brilliant character to write.

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Print-ready at 8.5 x 11", just for you.

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