Elements of Genius 

Ocean's 11 meets Spy School in this hilarious illustrated middle-grade series featuring the world's greatest minds.

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Meet Nikki Tesla

"Let the official record show that, I, Nikki Tesla, did not intend to destroy the world."

There are only so many times a kid can invent an instrument of global destruction without getting grounded. So when Nikki's death ray accidentally blows up her bedroom (if you can call a pet ferret with an itchy trigger finger an accident), she's sent to the only place that can handle her. 

"Full STEAM ahead on a series debut equally charged with personal issues and science in (dramatic) action."

Kirkus Reviews, starred review


Welcome to Genius Academy

Because it doesn't take a genius to track a thief around the world, outwit the authorities, and keep a French fry-fanatic ferret happy. It takes all of them.

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"Keating's action-packed mystery...combines intelligence with superhero appeal. Nikki's comical narration is printed on graph-paper pages and embellished by illustrations, all of which give STEM a fun new spin."



Book One:

There's one thing you should know about being a genius: it can land you in deep trouble. We're talking figutive trouble. Global meltdown trouble. 

When Nikki's death ray is stolen, she's got to rely on Genius Academy to help her find it.

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Book Two:

Nikki Tesla and the rest of the Genius Academy team have agreed to pilfer a completely priceless, totally lethal high-tech ring. Why? Because a mad scientist on a power trip plans to use it to do some serious damage. And because the very same mad scientist has kidnapped Mary Shelley.

Mess with one genius, and you mess with them all.

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Book Three:

Genius Academy is under attack! When a routine operation goes horribly wrong, Nikki Tesla and the team take the blame for an international incident of epic proportions, and the school is shut down indefinitely. Can Nikki and the team clear their name and stop a lethal global pandemic? 

Non-stop action and thrilling adventure await in the third installment of this acclaimed series.

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Genius Academy is a school for history's greatest brains. Leo da Vinci? Charlotte Darwin? Bert Einstein? All extraordinary. Yet even among her fellow prodigies, Nikki feels like an outsider thanks to a terrible secret she can't let anyone discover. Ever.


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