Ocean Speaks

Meet Marie Tharp (1920-2006), the first person to map the Earth's underwater mountain ridge, in this inspiring picture book biography from the author of Shark Lady.

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A Girl with a Dream

From a young age, Marie Tharp loved watching the world. She loved solving problems. And she loved pushing the limits of what girls and women were expected to do and be.

In the mid-twentieth century, women were not welcome in the sciences, but Marie was tenacious...

An intriguing tale of feminism, scientific exploration, imagination, focus, and resilience."

Kirkus Reviews


Women in STEM

Learn the true story of the remarkable woman who mapped the ocean floor.

Gorgeous, Thoughtful Artwork

Marie's life is beautifully rendered by mixed media artist, Katie Hickey.

Inspiration & Grit

Young readers will delight in seeing Marie's work brought to light - and will be encouraged to chase their own dreams.

A wonderful introductory biography of a woman changing the world from behind the scenes.

— School Library Journal Starred Review

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