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The Quickstart Guide to Jump into Your Own Creative Power

How can you break down the barriers in your own head to enjoy your creativity again? This guide is equal parts a manual for your creative self and a (loving) kick in the pants. Grab your copy below!

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Query Bootcamp -
Template for Picture Book Writers

Querying nerves? I totally get it. Querying isn't for wimps. You're putting your heart out there, and you want to make the best impression possible. Here's a free query template, with easy-to-swipe phrases, tips, and everything you need to make that query shine.

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The SPRING SHIFT Mini-Guide for Creatives

In need of creative spring cleaning? This free guide will help you sweep out of the cobwebs of your habits and beliefs, so you can embark on the next season of your life with a fresh start. Great for ANY season - download your copy below!

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Recommended Books

You know that Disney song about Belle with her nose always stuck in a book? Yup, can totally relate. Here are some of my favorite books, for both writers and creative entrepreneurs.

Books for Writers
Books for Creatives