You know the one.

The gap between where you are, and where you want to be.

And I know what it's like to feel your creative dream with every cell of your body, and not quite know how to get there.

Nope. We can't Jedi mind-trick the gap and make it disappear. And I won't tell you that visualizing, dreamboards, or affirmations will cut the mustard.

(Though all that can be totally fun!)


What you do need:

Step 1: Your soul-powered clarity & intuition

(to create, share & sell the work that's calling you)

Step 2: Rock solid, science-backed strategies to get your unique brain, body, & business on board with your dreams

(so you can stop self sabotaging & release the blocks holding you back from Step 1.)

...Yeah. The math is simple. But creative life ain't easy!

You don't just need creative spirit to bring your dreams to need creative science.


(Because, my friend, the last time I checked, you're a badass creative spirit with a unique human body, brain, & creative callings that you KNOW are asking to be set free.)
Let's Science this $hit!

Let's be real here.

You know you've got something magical inside of you that you're meant to share with the world.

You can feel it in your soul.

And while sparkly celeb entrepreneurs claim to have all the answers, there's only ONE answer that can make your dreams sprout wings & change the world:


Because if you can't find your path to creative life & biz that lets you make bank, build impact, and express your unique awesomeness --

...You'll always be walking in someone else's footsteps.

(And that doesn't sound like you, does it??)

Your creative dream isn't forged in a magical realm of rainbow-pooping unicorns.

The magic happens here and now, with your brain, body, nervous system, creative spirit, and daily life tagging along for the journey.

And all that stuff?

It's gotta be INTEGRATED - or else it will hold you back.

What in the name of Keanu does that mean? 

It means you need to blend your creative side with your human side.

It means you need to dig deep to uncover your soul's unique path to creative success, and throw in some science to release the mental, physical, and emotional blocks holding you back from actually doing what you're here to do.

As a nerdy scientist & spiritual teacher, I'm the integrator who will give you the exact, tailored-to-you steps to soulfully & skillfully grow your creative life & biz your way, while releasing your self sabotages & keeping your brain, body, and "meatsuit" happy.

(Unicorns encouraged, but totally optional.)

 Creative expression is equal parts spirit & science.
Together, we'll make sure you're fluent in both.

Your creativity can change the world - starting with yours.

Gain Soul-Level Clarity & Purpose

Know how everyone always says "the answers are in you"? Good news: They're right. Bad news? It takes strategic work to find, hear, understand, & act on those answers to create your life. With proven, non airy-fairy steps, we'll dial into your own inner knowing so you can get soulful clarity to make what you're here to make.

Express Radical Creativity

Fun fact: Nature bats last. This means that every creative dream you have is going to push against your physical comfort zone, and your body will always fight you against change. Together, we'll use science-backed tools to heal your unique self sabotages from the inside out, so you can get out of your own way and into your best work.

Find Inner Joy & Fulfillment

Whether you want to explore a more creative life, start a side hustle, or build a thriving creative business, it takes tailored-to-you strategies to bring that dream into reality. We'll integrate your creative ecosystem for maximum soul & expression, and chart your course using your message & magic as the map.

Featured In...

"Jess is like a master chef of creativity - and her signature dish is helping people discover their true, most creative selves."

"Jess Keating has the rare ability to speak both science and soul with practicality, wisdom, and heart. With her help, I finally get the how of getting out of my own way to create what feels like me."

Hello and welcome! I'm Jess. I'm a bestselling author, scientist, creative soul mentor, and full-time entrepreneur who helps trailblazers like you release their blocks so they can create true wealth that aligns with their soul-led mission in business.

I've written more than 20 books, traveled the world to speak about soulful success and patriarchy-smashing women, and spent my life exploring the intricate connections between science, spirit, & creativity in rulebreakers, changemakers and cyclebreakers just like you.

If you're feeling called to more, it's time to hop into my world and have a real Money Awakening.

Be warned: This ain't your mama's 'inner work". This is the art and science of partnering with your creative spirit, paired with beautiful neuroscience, energetics, nervous system work, shamanic healing, and down-to-earth imaginal magic to support you every step of the journey.

That sense of more that keeps calling you?

It's your creative spirit asking to be seen.

Here's the deal: I know that as a dynamic, ambitious woman, you've done a lot to build the life and business of your dreams.

You've done the work. You've honed your gifts. You've explored your energy, strategy, & alignment. You could fill an entire book with all of your experiences as creative soul.

But something more is still calling you, right?

You can sense there are paths of freedom, expression, and abundance still left unexplored.

Here's my secret: That something more that's calling? It's you.

In your lifetime, you've done amazing things. But you've also turned away from so much of your inner magic. Your spirit. Your soul. Your intuition. Your human body. Your deepest creative missions. Your inner stirrings of just how impactful your business can truly be.

And it's time you reclaimed it all.

The minute you're called for more - that's my cue that you're ready to meet more of you.

Your wealth is a reflection of your fullest creative expression.
You're ready for your Money Awakening.

This is deep soul wisdom for real world wealth.

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