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Jess Keating is a bestselling author, artist, scientist, & advocate for curiosity, creativity, & biodiversity.

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Jess Keating is a bestselling non-fiction author, novelist, artist, scientist, & creator of the online space The Brave Edit.

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What I'm All About Here...

As an author, artist, scientist, & speaker, my work investigates & explores everyday truths about curiosity, creativity, & biodiversity -- and I've been reading & writing about the art & science of nature since 2008.

My work & books have been featured in the New York Times, CBC, Buzzfeed, Bloomberg, Glamour, Microsoft, Buzzfeed, and more, and I've been fortunate to appear on both in-person & virtual stages to talk all things creativity to more than 100,000 people worldwide.

My writing covers topics like:

  • Exploring our beautiful planet & using our creative spirit to protect it
  • Working with our natural rhythms to heal¬†our blocks to self expression¬†
  • The art & science of¬†noticing nature,¬†& how it can help us live¬†well¬†
  • Growing courage, enchantment & inspiration¬†
  • How to tend ourselves as curious, creative people¬†

Most importantly, I believe that diversity -- both biodiversity and the diversity within our unique creative selves -- is key to a thriving life & planet. 

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What's My Work About?


The question that's been on my mind from the very beginning is "How can we each find our unique places in this awe-inspiring world?", and I love to bring in insights from all fields to help us answer it.

I'm a renaissance soul at heart, so whether it's art or biology, history or physics, architecture, philosophy, zoology or astronomy -- I believe all forms of knowledge talk to each other, and we've all got things to learn from the ecology of creative history that we all share.

As a creative ecologist of sorts, my job is to find the best ideas out there, and by connecting the dots between nature, science, and self-expression, I aim to offer young readers a journey that's as enriching as it is enjoyable..

In other words...

There's always more to discover, and I hope that through my books ‚Äď whether they transport you to the depths of the ocean or the far reaches of your imagination ‚Äď you find inspiration to cultivate your own path of curiosity and self-expression, one page at a time.

The world is beautiful to look at -- but even more beautiful to understand.
"In the pages of Jess Keating's books, readers find more than just stories or facts -- they find themselves.
Through her diverse casts of characters and animals (both real or imagined), Keating champions individuality with every page turn."


The Resumé


Here are a few notable tidbits about me & my work.

  • Bestselling Author and Lifelong Writer I'm the author of more than 20 books, and have written in nearly every category, including fiction, nonfiction, picture books, novels, and more. I've been writing since I could sling a crayon!
  • Artist & Creative Entrepreneur¬†I'm a renaissance soul at heart, and have been a full time¬†entrepreneur¬†my entire adult life, including as a singer, photographer, sculptor, artist, & even wildlife rehabilitator. I've never had a 'normal' job!
  • Teacher & Guide¬†Most of my life's work has followed Mary Oliver's advice: "Pay attention, be astonished, tell about it." No matter the field, I'm always drawn to share what I've learned with others, whether it's in books, columns, videos, or classes.
  • Scientist & Lifelong Nerd¬†I've got multiple degrees in science & philosophy, and a Masters of Science; my specialty is in interdisciplinary work so we can better understand both the science and soulful side of life on our beautiful planet.

Most of my work revolves around cultivating curiosity, creativity, & the awe and wonder of experiencing the biodiversity nature. If you're a fan of nature, science, and curiosity, this space is for you.




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