Hi, I'm Jess Keating.

As an award-winning author, artist, & scientist, I'm a poster child for multi-passionate creativity, and I've been writing about the art & science of creative living since 2009. 

My work & books have been featured in the New York Times, CBC, Buzzfeed, Bloomberg and more, and I've been fortunate to appear on both in-person & virtual stages to talk all things creativity to (roughly) 100,000 people worldwide.

If you're familiar with my writing, you'll know that I've got a soft spot for the crossroads of creativity: where creative spirit & creative science meet, and how we can cultivate a creative life that not only feels good, but is good -- for ourselves & the things we're called to make.

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I'm represented by Kathleen Rushall of Andrea Brown Literary Agency and can be reached at [email protected].

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How My Work Will Help You:

Can your creativity can change the world?

You bet your butt it can.

The question that's been on my mind from the very beginning is "How can we live fuller, richer lives as creatives?", and I love to bring in insights & awareness from all fields to help us ask and answer this question - whether it's art or biology, history or physics, architecture or philosophy, zoology or astronomy -- I believe all forms of creativity talk to each other, and we've all got things to learn from the ecology of creative history that we all share. 

As a creative ecologist of sorts, my job is to find the best ideas out there, and connect the dots in a way that's fun, easy-to-understand, and practical for your everyday life.

Long story short: I'm here to help you be more creative, so you can live the life you actually want -- and make what you're here to make. Books, movies, paintings, music, poems, businesses, families -- it's all creativity.

As we go about making the work that matters to us, we're both creative spirit and creative science in action -- and it's no secret that the best advice for creativity is often the best advice for life. 

Why? Because life itself is a creative act.

There's always more to learn, and I hope that -- big or small - my writing sparks something wonderful in your life. 

A Few Tidbits:

A handful of notable things about me & my work...

Author & Creative Entrepreneur

• I'm the author of more than 20 books, and have written in nearly every category, including fiction, nonfiction, picture books, novels, and more.

• I'm a polymath soul, and have been a full time creative my entire adult life, including as a singer, photographer, sculptor, & artist. 

• Post grad school, I intended on being a professor, but hated being told to "tone down my voice" in academic papers, so I became an author instead!

Scientist & Overall Nerd

• I've got multiple degrees in science & philosophy, and a Masters of Science -- my specialty is in (shocker) interdisciplinary work so we can better understand both the science and soulful side of creativity

 • I'm obsessed with macro photography, and could spend hours poring over a bug on a life with a good lens.

• I've been told my work style is like "Liz Gilbert meets David Attenborough", which (as you can guess) totally made my day.

Things I Love That Don't Often Write About

• My love of action movies (specifically movies from the 90s -- don't you dare call them "old", though.) 

• Donuts. I travel often, and make a point to try the donuts from every city, if I can. The best so far are from Honey Donuts in Deep Cove, Vancouver. Try the Original.)

• Travel. See above. My favourite places to visit (so far) are New Zealand, Iceland, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, & Cornwall. If it's got an ocean coastline, I'm there.