The World of Weird Animals

A funny nonfiction series that explores the incredible world of weird and bizarre creatures. Full of amazing facts, eye-catching, colorful photos, and illustrator David DeGrand’s goofy-wonderful cartoons. A absolute must-read series for curious kids.

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What You'll Find Inside


Fascinating Science and Animal Facts

Zoologist and author Jess Keating has packed each volume to the brim with the latest science for animal lovers.

Hilarious Illustrations & Visual Humor

Acclaimed comic artist David DeGrand illustrates each volume with his trademark wit and comic charm.

Full Glossary & Thoughtful Back Matter

Want more? You got it! Each volume contains an extensive glossary and questions to prompt critical thinking.

"A playful introduction to the kookier corners of the animal kingdom."


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“A home run for public and school libraries.”

—School Library Journal


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 "This book is amazing! As a teacher, I love this book to spark creativity and higher level thinking. Students are drawn to learning about animals and this book is incredibly engaging. As a mom, I love this book because it's a great book to initiate conversation. Each page has a striking photograph of the animal, a comic-like illustration of the animal, and three types of text (an overview, fun fact, and encyclopedia-like information)."

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